Sample6 DETECT HT System

Simple, Scalable Pathogen Detection

The Sample6 DETECT HT system and the DETECT HT family of pathogen assays offer a comprehensive and easy-to use solution for your laboratory. Get more out your laboratory space with fewer resources.

Product Benefits

• Simple operation – Intuitive software
• Easy to use – Single transfer (sponge bag to assay
plate); option for set-it-and-forget-it operation for up
to 96 samples in 2 hours
• Small footprint – 16” x 16”
• Flexible scalability – can do up to 1,000 samples in
3 hours
• Cost efficient – Lowest Total Cost of Ownership on
the market with competitively priced consumables,
available with reagent rental option for instrument


• 22h enrichment compatible with all
common sponges
• Time to Results = 2h15m post enrichment
• Flexibility to do Listeria & Salmonella on a single plate
• Results comparable to PCR & Immunoassay

AOAC Certifications

• Listeria spp. Environmental: AOAC in
progress, Q3 2017
• Salmonella Environmental, expected Q4 2017
• Salmonella for Finished Product Q1 2018
• E. coli for Finished Product 2018

Designed to Improve Your Operational Efficiency

Designed for Cost AND Speed

Competitive systems force you to choose between an overnight test and economical solution. With the DETECT HT system you can have both. Our test is designed for overnight results, priced competitively with the most economical solutions available.

Single Transfer

The DETECT HT has a single transfer in the workflow: from the sponge bag to the assay tray. Competitive
assays require multiple transfers of sample or reagents. In addition to adding risk of error at each step, each of these additional transfers add up to cost you time and money. By switching to DETECT HT, you eliminate these unnecessary transfers. For every transfer you eliminate by using our assay instead, you can recover up to 5% of your efficiency for that operator:

Easy to Run

Reagents come prepared in single use, color coded cartridges to ensure the right regents and volumes are used every time. The cartridges snap into place to easily set up a run in seconds. Eliminate reagent preparation time.

Flexible Operation

The DETECT HT system can be used two ways
depending on your laboratory’s needs, “Set-it-and-
Forget-it” or “High Volume”.

In “High Volume” mode, the operator will incubate
the assay separately in any 35˚C incubator. This
allows the operator to capitalize on the instrument’s
injection capabilities to run up to 1,000 tests in a 3
hour period.

“Set-it-and-Forget-it” mode will use the onboard
incubator. This will allow an operator to transfer up
to 96 samples to an assay plate, click in reagents,
and start the system. 2h 15m later, results are
automatically available from any internet-connected

Maximize Benchtop Efficiency

Competitive systems can monopolize valuable bench space with a large footprint, additional computers, dedicated heating/cooling blocks, and large reagent footprint. The entire DETECT HT instrument is 16” x 16” (1.8ft2), and consumables for 96 tests fits in a 6” x 4” x 2” box. Our system is 5 times smaller than some leading competitive systems. Combined with our max throughput in “High Volume” mode, DETECT HT offers exceptional utilization of valuable benchtop space, up to 60 times more efficient than competitive systems!